Scaling the Rural Enterprise

Postharvest technology includes facilities that will help to preserve quality of crops and prevent from degradation at the stage immediately following the harvest. It includes drying, packing and storing. This technology enhance value addition in cash crops and rural enterprise development. Due to changes in global dietary patterns and increase of population there has been a greater demand for fresh produce. As a result, farmers have started growing more produce. However, maintaining food quality and quantity during the transfer of the produce from the fields where it is harvested to the table where it is consumed has been a challenge.During the post-harvest phase, product can lose its freshness and spoil at a rate of up to 50 percent. Additionally farmers are losing reasonable prices due to excess of crops production on season.These are the main challenges faced by the cash crops producer in this time. Aastha Engineering Solution, a specialized company in the field of postharvest technology in Nepal is working with the belief that technology must connected to rural livelihood. With the help of postharvest technology, Aastha Engineering Solution is developing rural enterprises in rural areas of Nepal where there is lack of frequent transportation to the cities and poor access of electricity. In such rural enterprises farmers are preservingcash crops by drying and packing. With value addition to the cash crops it is empowering women and helping in gender equality.