Solar Conduction Dryer

Solar Conduction Dryer (SCD) is a solar energy based initiative for agro-processing, leveraging local knowledge & resources, which will target to: 1.Reduce food wastage and generate additional income through dried products 2.Develop a sustainable business model for economic empowerment of farmers Solar Conduction Dryer is the 1st technology that uses novel combination method of heat transfer in drying. This unique approach makes SCD free of electricity, 25% efficient (highest in world) and gives payback in 6 months. SCD, using principle of controlled radiation, produces dehydrated nutritional food, with 45% better nutrition than sun dried product. It preserves 90% of the natural nutrition of food. This makes SCD appropriate solution for Bottom of Pyramid farmers. The market for dehydrated products lies in both developing and developed countries. This multidimensional technology has potential to improve economic situation of farmers. Dehydrated products get higher market value and higher profits. Aastha Engineering Solution has been combinely working with AEPC/RERL and UNDP to promote solar conduction dryer in rural areas of Nepal focusing on improvement of livelihood of rural farmers of Nepal especially giving priorities on Hilly areas where farmers does not get suitable price of their products on season food.