Solar Wind Hybrid System

Solar-Wind hybrid Power system is the combined power generating system by wind mill and solar energy panel. It also includes a battery which is used to store the energy generated from both the sources. Using this system power generation by windmill when wind source is available and generation from PV module when light radiation is available can be achieved. Both units can be generated power when both sources are available. By providing the battery uninterrupted power supply is possible when both sources are idle. They work in small capacities. Typical capacities are in the range of 1 kW to 10 kW for the solar panel and the wind turbine combined system. Intermittent energy resources and energy resources unbalance are the most important reason to install a hybrid energy supply system. The Solar PV wind hybrid system suits to conditions where sunlight and wind has seasonal shifts. As the wind does not blow throughout the day and the sun does not shine for the entire day, using a single source will not be a suitable choice. A hybrid arrangement of combining the power harnessed from both the wind and the sun and stored in a battery can be a much more reliable and realistic power source. The load can still be powered using the stored energy in the batteries even when there is no sun or wind. Hybrid systems are usually built for design of systems with lowest possible cost and also with maximum reliability. The high cost of solar PV cells makes it less competent for larger capacity designs. This is where the wind turbine comes into the picture, the main feature being its cheap cost as compared to the PV cells. Battery system is needed to store solar and wind energy produced during the day time. During night time, the presence of wind is an added advantage, which increases the reliability of the system. In the monsoon seasons, the effect of sun is less at the site and thus it is apt to use a hybrid wind solar system. The solar wind hybrid systems are used where the load is relatively small. In commercial and industrial sectors, the systems are used, (for example) in rural offices or small tourist hotels, where power shortage is chronic. It can be used in schools especially in rural and urban fringe areas. It can be used for military (charging of communication units) as well as in railways (track signaling). It can be used in high end residential apartments and villas for specific needs. The solar panel and the wind turbine works in tandem to charge a battery via a controller. The wind turbine could be a vertical axis wind turbine or a horizontal axis wind turbine (wind mills of megawatt level capacities are always horizontal axis). In a typical hybrid system the battery is first charged by the Solar, then by Wind and if necessary, by grid. You should discuss with your solution provider the vertical and the horizontal axis wind turbine choice based on the wind speeds prevailing in your region.   It is hard to determine precise payback periods for solar wind hybrid systems. The solar wind hybrid systems work best in industrial-commercial situations where the grid power is in chronic short supply or where the remoteness of the terrain makes power supply unreliable (military, railway application) or where the power is expected all the time (high end apartment owners have such expectations). One type of industrial-commercial area which can use this product is small rural offices: rural health centers, e-governance canters, agricultural center offices, Village Level entrepreneurs. These small rural offices will run on a few fans and lights, one or two computers and a laser/bio-metric scanner. It will typically consume 3-4 units of power per day